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As we approach the holiday travel season, it is important to stress that non-essential travel outside of New England continues to be highly discouraged by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.

As a reminder; “NH residents or out-of-state visitors traveling to/from areas outside of New England (Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Rhode Island) need to self-quarantine for the first 14 days of any intended stay in NH after travel (starting from the last day of their travel outside New England). This recommendation is irrespective of the mode of transportation for travel (public vs. private transportation).”
SOURCE: NH Dept. of Health and Human Services (August 27, 2020) New Hampshire COVID-19 General Travel and Quarantine Guidance, & Employer Screening and Exclusion Criteria.

Thank you for your continued support and believing in the value of dance in your child's life! We are very excited to bring studio classes back to our life and yours.

Some dancers will need reassurance, but we are still all in this together, and we can be the best YOU/ME/WE can be.

We have created new policies for a safe and welcoming space with:

-Separate pick up and drop off doors to manage traffic in and out of the studio

-Request for parents and siblings to stay out of the waiting room to prevent congested spaces.

-Face coverings for all teachers and also for dancers over the age of 5.

-Smaller class sizes and scheduled time between each class for cleaning and sanitizing.

-Routine temperature and symptom checks.

-Using our outdoor space whenever we can.

-6 foot markers on the barres and coat hangers.

-Abiding by CDC guidelines.

-Abiding by a dancer's standard for social distancing, which is Spacial Awareness.

-Upholding our own rules, which are:

~Pay Attention to the World Around You. Check it Out. Take in the Information, and Soar.~