Everyone can Speak the Language of Dance

Dance is the universal language we can all speak fluently. With dance we can open pathways for connection and self-expression. Music and rhythm speak to our heartbeats, and the rigor of practicing technique hones our creative skills. When dancing together we can develop cooperation, higher self-esteem and awareness, and nurture strong communities.

Dance not only diversifies our ability to be creative; it also supports higher learning across all subjects. Kinsthetic teaching can be integrated into curriculums as naturally as speaking, reading and writing. When we expand our concept of 'whole language' to include physical language, we broaden children's access to comprehension. Important lessons about body awareness, peer respect and self-esteem are also cultivated as life-long skills. 

People of all ages can benefit from integrating dance into their work, school and community environments. Recently, participants in the Experience Arts series in Littleton, NH spent 8 weeks exploring the art of dance, culminating in a performance of their work that left both audience and participants exuberant and full of pride. Bodies in Motion was made possible by a 2 year grant with the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire and Life Time Arts, LLC. 

To learn more about Arts in Education or to collaborate, email the studio at danceit54@gmail.com.