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A Dancer's work goes beyond the studio walls, or the lights of the stage. Turning performance into activism, Jeanne Limmer Dancers' community connections over the years have been full and fulfilling, empowering the community through the art of dance.

Dancers have brought their offerings to mountain tops with the Jen’s Friends Climb Against Cancer, to the village of North Conway with Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and Take A Walk in Our Shoes: Addiction Recovery. Celebrations include Shopping Days and Art Celebrates Place. Axis Dance Company NH dancers continue to bring Kennett High School student artists together in the annual Movin’ On Fusion, with all proceeds to KHS Project Graduation.

The gift of giving to the community is two-fold. While dance can inspire others and support local causes, the dancers also benefit from this work. Dancers feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose by making a difference. Dancers also cultivate greater emphathy and compassion for their peers and develop stronger communication skills.

In addition to local community efforts, dancers periodically travel to see performances and to attend Master Dance Classes throughout New England. The Dance Center is also host to Guest Artists, enriching dance education and exposure to a variety of techniques and leading dance educators. 

Past Artists include Sokeo Ros , Lorraine Chapman and Company, and Helanius Wilkins. Visit the Events page to learn more about upcoming workshops.